Roundtable: Initiating a translation technology research network

Roundtable: Initiating a translation technology research network

On the 23th and 24th of August, together with colleagues at Aarhus University, Assistant Professor Kristine Bundgaard organized a roundtable to discuss the potential establishment of a network for researchers with a combined interest in translation studies and translation technology.

At the roundtable, two inspiring keynotes were held by Professor Ralph Krüger from Cologne University of Applied Sciences and Assistant Professor Joss Moorkens from Dublin City University. Apart from the keynotes, the roundtable included very interesting discussions about the aims of the network and future research collaboration. A new meeting is planned for next year to formally establish the network entitled Humans, Applications and Languages (HAL): Exploring Human Factors in Translation with Technology.

About 20, mainly international, participants attended the roundtable.

(Kristine Bundgaard )

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