New PhD fellow: Sophie Lanng Gulstad

New PhD fellow: Sophie Lanng Gulstad

As of 1 May 2018, Procom (Communication and Culture in Professional Contexts) has a new PhD fellow. Sophie will be teaching at Language and International Business Communication.

Some of you may have seen me before because I have been a part-time lecturer at Language and International Business Communication since 2013.

I am affiliated with the research group ProCom.

My field of interest is social media in a business context and, based on critical discourse theory, my project will, specifically deal with the phenomenon FOMO, The Fear Of Missing Out. This phenomenon has so far been researched primarily in relation to young people and their use of media, but has not yet been studied in relation to a business context and the increasing use of social media as a monitoring tool. In the project, FOMO is considered a new reality for businesses, which will be studied in order to contribute new knowledge about the conditions under which companies are constructed and exist in the digital world.

I look forward to developing my personal and professional competencies through my PhD.


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