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New book: Podemos and the New Political Cycle: Left-Wing Populism and Anti-Establishment Politics

Edited by Oscar Garcia Agustin and Marco Briziarelli.

After the global cycle of social protests in 2011, different attempts at renewing the political party system emerged in different countries and with different degree of success. In 2014 Podemos was founded as a new political party in Spain and quickly reached a vast electoral support (becoming the third most voted party) due to its questioning of the ‘traditional way’ of doing politics. Podemos and the New Political Cycle. Left-Wing Populism and Anti-Establishment Politics grasps the formation and evolution of the Spanish party in both the Spanish and European contexts. The book is structured in three sections. The first part ‘Genealogy’ is about the rise of Podemos, the shaping of its discourse and the use of institutions and streets as spaces for politics; the second part ‘Concepts’ addresses theoretical concerns with some of the main concepts derived from Podemos' political practice such as hegemony, national sovereignty, and the relation between people and institutions; and the final section adds an international dimension where Podemos is compared with other left-wing populist experiences (Latin America, Greece) and right-wing ones (Italy, France). All in all, the book offers a reflection, based on the potentials and constrains presented by Podemos, about the possibilities of developing left-wing parties in the current political system.

Can be purchased here.

Editors: Oscar Garcia Agustin and Marco Briziarelli
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN: 978-3-319-63432-6
Pages: 299
Year of publication: 2018

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