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New book: Natural Resource Development and Human Rights in Latin America

Edited by Malayna Raftopoulos and Radosław Powęska.

This book offers multidisciplinary perspective on contemporary development discussions in Latin America, marked on the one hand by the pursuit of economic growth, technological improvement and poverty reduction, and on the other hand by the growing concern over the preservation of the environment and human rights. It analyses some of the crucial challenges, contradictions and promises within current development, environmental and human rights practices in Latin America. Taking a multi-level perspective that links the local, national, regional and transnational levels of inquiry, the collection approaches questions concerned with the interaction of state and non-state actors in the promotion and opposition to natural resource development and how development policies have impacted on communities in the region and the promotion and protection of human rights. By focusing on the different, though interrelated levels of interaction (local, national, transnational), as well as actors and roles, the book contemplates the complex panorama of competing visions, concepts and interests grounded in mutual influences and dependencies that are shaping the contemporary arena of social-environmental conflicts in Latin America. The multi-dimensional scope of the book demonstrates the complexity of socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America and the mutual influences and interdependencies that are shaping the contemporary arena of social-environmental conflicts in Latin America.


“This book offers an indispensable analysis of the as yet little-researched intersection of social-environmental conflicts and human rights in Latin America. The chapters offer rich and original case studies of the role of state and non-state actors in these conflicts as well as the relationship between humans and their natural environment”. ~ Marieke Riethof, University of Liverpool

Editors: Malayna Raftopoulos and Radosław Powęska 
Publisher: School of Advanced Study, University of London
ISBN: 978-1-912250-01-1
Year of publication: 2018

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