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International honour for AAU historian: Winner of the 2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award

International honour for AAU historian: Winner of the 2017 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award

Carsten Hjort Lange and his Danish and international colleagues' conference volume "Cassius Dio: Greek Intellectual and Roman Politician" (Brill’s "Historiography of Rome and Its Empire" series), co-edited with Jesper M. Madsen, SDU, has just been named one of 2017's outstanding academic titles by the world’s largest and oldest library organization, the American Library Association.

“Cassius Dio, a Roman imperial official and historian who wrote in Greek in the third century CE, is an indispensable authority for the study of Roman history. He has nevertheless not been the subject of the same degree of sustained scholarly inquiry that has advanced understanding of other ancient historians' contexts, aims, and methods. The present volume, the inaugural contribution to the editors' "Historiography of Rome and its Empire" series, represents a superb correction of that deficiency. The 16 chapters (written by a combination of international experts and more junior scholars) explore such topics as Dio's political philosophy, his use of rhetoric, and ancient strategies of resistance to tyranny and present new historical interpretations of the most important sections of his work to survive. Individual chapters shine light on Dio's complex engagement with issues of cultural identity and the historian's duty to ideals of freedom. Taken as a whole, the volume illuminates Dio's literary and historical methods and his place in later Roman society. The book is welcoming to nonspecialists (all Greek is translated) but does not sacrifice the level of detail and is very-well-produced overall. Summing Up: Essential. All academic levels/libraries. --Jessica Homan Clark, Florida State University”

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Carsten Hjort Lange 
Co-editor of Brill's Historiography of Rome and Its Empire Series

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