Climate Change and Human Mobility (video)

Climate Change and Human Mobility (video)

Giovanni Bettini, lecturer at Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University discusses the discourse, increasingly heard in media and among humanitarian actors and politicians, which justifies the necessity of border control by positing a future conditional of impending climate migration. Bettini speaks about the usefulness of taking a critical stance towards the term climate migration, rather than trying to find a solution to it.

Bettini was interviewed as part of a Global Refugee Studies international seminar held September 7, 2017, concerning climate migration, humanitarian borders and externalisation of migration control. The other speakers were Polly Pallister-Wilkins and Martin Lemberg-Pedersen and the audience ranged from researchers from institutions in Denmark and Sweden to academic researchers, people from NGOs, grassroots organizations, political advisors, investigative journalists and MA-students from the migration hubs around Copenhagen and Malmö.


Read more about the seminar here



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