Book release: Prostitution Research in Context

Book release: Prostitution Research in Context

GRS’ Associate Professor Marlene Spanger has together with May-Len Skilbrei edited a new groundbreaking methodological book about the dilemmas and ethical aspects of researching sex for sale.

When researching sex for sale, what implications do our epistemological and ethical choices have? And which dilemmas and ethical aspects need to be taken into account when producing qualitative data within this highly politicized and moral-infected realm?

With this new interdisciplinary methodology book, Prostitution Research in Context, Spanger and Skilbrei seek to answer these questions.

In the book’s ten chapters, subjects such as the ongoing methodological issues and challenges representative of international research on sex for sale are discussed, together with ethical dilemmas that research in this field can entail. While the authors of the book represent different disciplines, they share an interest in engaging in reflexive research practices informed by feminism.

Reviews: Fearless, balanced and a must-read

“Spanger & Skilbrei reach beyond disciplinary silos in posing novel epistemological questions that push researchers, practitioners, and services providers to reconsider status quo approaches to, and understandings of, transactional sex. By explicitly and fearlessly connecting political and theoretical issues, this edited collection offers a novel empirical contribution to an all-too-often polarized field of research.”

Susan C. Dewey, Associate Professor, Gender & Women's Studies, University of Wyoming, USA

“The study of prostitution appears one of the most ethically challenging and contentious areas of research in the social sciences. Avoiding stereotyped representations of this complex and diverse area of study, this edited collection provides a balanced and timely assessment of the way that those researching prostitution are obliged to situate their studies in a wider political and social context. A must read for all those who are researching prostitution, and an important contribution to debates in feminist epistemology and methodology.”

Phil Hubbard, Professor of Urban Studies & Head of School, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research King’s College London 

Editors: Marlene Spanger and May-Len Skilbrei
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781138909489
Number of pages: 176
Year of publication: 2017

Can be purchased here.

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