AAU puts displacement on the COP23 agenda

AAU puts displacement on the COP23 agenda

Last Friday Global Refugee Studies and Aalborg University’s Law Department co-organized a side-event at COP23 on climate change, human rights and forced displacement.

As a part of COP23 in Bonn, a series of sessions and debates were held that dealt with different climate-related topics. One of these debates was centered around climate migration and forced displacement. Aalborg University had the honor of hosting this debate, which was a part of the  'Climate Law and Governance Day’ held in connection with COP23. 


At the debate it was discussed, whether the current international laws and agreements are able to handle the effects of climate change, which are not restricted by physical borders. The governance of climate migration was thus a key topic during the debate.

Climate change is presumed to affect a large amount of already vulnerable people in specific areas most susceptible to climate change, as they will be forced to move due to e.g. flooding, drought or loss of crops. The purpose of the debate was to insert issues like displacement, refugeehood, human rights, relocation and compensation into the dominant discussions on innovation, transition, public-private partnerships and green credit, and to discuss possible solutions from a both humanitarian and legal perspective

The three researchers from AAU, who organized and facilitated the debate were Martin Lemberg-Pedersen from Global Refugee Studies, and Sandra Cassotta and Jesper Lindholm from AAU’s Law Department.

Read more about COP23 here

Contact information:

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, lemberg@cgs.aau.dk,Tlf.: 9940 2853

Sandra Cassotta, sac@law.aau.dk, Tlf.: 9940 2789 / +45 22810128

Jesper Lindholm, jl@law.aau.dk, Tlf.: 9940 9873 / 2539 6813

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